Ke-Pau Forth of July


This was the first year that Ke-Pau showed up at the 4th of July at the Pond. The Ke-Pau was meant to be a kid's boat, but this year, the kids were all too young, so it was up to the older "kids" to do the christening.

This is Aunt Jeanne with Kelly ("KE").

This is Aunt Jeanne with Paul Michael (PAU). Jeanne's laughter rebounded around the pond, "I love this boat!"

Paul watches.

Uncle Marc with Paul Anthony. Marc is a big boy, and the limitations of the boat became obvious. Remarkably the boat didn't sink. At the end of the day, my thought was that I would make the boat a smiggin wider and about a foot longer. Primarily to accommodate the likes of Marc and the other adults who tried it out.


Again Aunt Jeanne hogs the boat. The kids were still young to be out on their own (3 years).


This was the year that the grandchildren were old enough to take the boat out on their own.

Paul Michael, age 4, watched while the other kids went out in the boat. When it was his turn, he amazed everyone with how he controlled the boat.



Turning in place...

Ke-Pau... just the right size.