19 October 2003
From: Graham Knight

Hi, it's been a few weeks since my last confession...oops sorry...last update! Things are coming on well with my Squirt, all the plywood decking is done, the hull has been sheathed in glass/epoxy and it's had a coat of epoxy primer. After sanding it was very smooth and needs no further work before painting, other than a second coat of primer to cover the patches where I sanded through to the resin.

I'm going to finish it in two pack epoxy, so it will be epoxy throughout, resin, primer, and topcoat which should be very hardwearing and will also avoid any compatibility problems if I need to repair it at any time. The paint is on order from the supplier I use at work, and will be custom mixed to match the motor that I have just bought.

The motor is a 1958 Johnson Seahorse 18hp which I was very lucky to find in England, engines of that type and age are very difficult to find over here especially in good condition as this one is. It just happened to come up on eBay while I was listing some stuff to sell, I was determined to get it whatever it took as it would be just so right for the boat. As it happened it really didn't cost me very much at all, so I'm spending a bit more to have a proper service done by my local outboard specialists before I run it. I'll also do a bit of cosmetic work on it, so by the time the boat is finished the motor should look like new and will deserve its place on my shiny new boat!

I've attached a few photos showing progress on the hull, from just planked, to flow coated, and partially decked.

Graham in Shepperton, England