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Subject: Registry update
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000
From: Bronkalla, Mark

Riviera / Mark Bronkalla
On the water. Lots of compliments. Top speed 46 mph. 744 hours so far

Hi Barry and Gayle,

The boat has been fun to build and I have received a lot of support from family, friends and new boat building acquaintances.

Thank you for your help in answering questions and getting the parts I needed.

We launched the boat for the first time on June 23rd on Pewaukee Lake.
The Riviera runs well as the family ski boat. Lots of room and plenty of power. It can pull a skier at only 2500-3000rpm. Top speed at this time is 46mph at 5000 rpm. The boat drives well and handling is excellent. Teal, my wife, now thinks that she is the captain and principal driver.

The pictures of the boat in the lake were taken from the tube in tow by myself.

It is amazing how many people stop to ask about the "restoration". All are amazed when they find out it is new construction.

Hopefully more people will see that building your dream is possible and within a reasonable amount of time. We started on the boat Sept. 1 and it is now 95% complete. This was done in approximately 20 hours per week (less than most people spend watching TV). The major work left to do is the final upholstery. We are riding on the bench seats and boat cushions for the summer.

Best regards,
Mark Bronkalla

After the upholstery 2001...