Zip by Todd Broadlick, West Palm Beach, Florida

February 27, 2009 Update

May 2008 - 7 hours put in;
Received plans,
Shopped for lumber,
Rented workspace,
Moved tools into workspace,
Assembled building form.

June 2008 - 49 hours, 56 total put in;
Received mahogany frame order,
Cut and assembled frames,
Cut out breasthook, knee, and stem.

July 2008 - 37 hours, 93 total put in;
Coated everything with two coats of epoxy,
Mounted frames on building form,
Mounted stem and transom on building form.

August 2008 - 14 hours, 107 total put in;
Fought with chines,
Defeated chines and glued into place,
Fought with Tropical Storm Fay.

September 2008 - 25 hours, 132 total put in;
Mounted keel,
Faired, faired, & faired chines.
Mounted sheers,
Faired, faired & faired sheers.
Faired keel and frames.

October 2008 - 18 hours, 150 total put in;
More fairing, building up low places, and more fairing,
Mounted and faired bottom battens.

November 2008 - 40 hours, 190 total put in;
Mounted plywood sides,
Started plywood bottom.

December 2008 - 35 hours, 225 total put in;
Finished plywood bottom. The crayon trick really works to mark the final pieces!
Mounted decorative plywood on transom,
Filled and sanded about 400 screw holes on bottom,
Faired plywood seams,
Coated hull with two coats of epoxy.

January 2009 - 45 hours, 270 total put in;
Filled and sanded about 300 screw holes on sides,
Fiberglassed entire hull,
Picked up motor,
Built motor dolly,
Multiple coats of epoxy to fill fiberglass weave,
Mounted skeg,
Final sanding and prep of bottom for paint,
Marked waterline,
Started painting bottom.

February 2009 - 35 hours, 305 total put in;
Bought used trailer,
Trimmed side overhang,
Faired sheers,
Started mounting carlings.