Sea Kayak by David Lott

David Lott
Branson, Missouri
4/2/2007. Hull completed without deck. Epoxy fillet, interior and exterior fiberglass tape completed. Since I am changing the deck from plywood to strips I changed the shape to a radius with 4 in loft in the bow and 2 loft in stern. This required that I stitch up the lower hull using the forms with the plans and then replacing the forms and bulkheads with ones having the radius. I found a very nice 20 ft piece of clear grain redwood which I cut down to in wide strips. This will let me run 2 strips down each side and 3 down the center. I will fill in the balance with strips cut from a clear piece of white pine. I am planning to paint the hull black which should set off the red and white strips on the deck nicely. This has been an interesting experience learning how to work with epoxy and fiberglass and glad I did this project before the big one.