Hunky Dory by Bob Lutley

March 25 07: Day 1to 5 shaped & planed all rough cut vertical grain douglas fir 2x4 to 1.50x3

March 27 07: Assembled frames 1to 8. Had a hard time getting Gel magic out of container so I cut container in half Length ways and scraped into 1gal honey pail with snap on lid, makes it much easier to put right amount into measuring cup. Will build frames 9 and 10 tomorrow. Must be careful to have angle towards the bow and cross pawl on rear side of frame. I will use a different color pencil tomorrow so as not to get confused. My master board as I call it, is getting a lot of lay up lines on it.

April 2 07 Well I finished all the frames And the stern & stem. My next step is to cut a 10" square hole in the back wall of the shop.

Because I only have 16' from the saw to wall & the battens are 20 plus. Again I have to plane them and cut to size. To cut one straight edge on them I have to build a carriage to run against the saw fence. I use half of an extension ladder to build a temporary in and out feed table for the saw.(half on each side of the saw table)

I will build the boat about where the dog is now sitting. Snow should be gone by the 1st week in May.