Bo Jest

23 June 2006

Here are some photos of my Bo-Jest construction. I started taking pictures a bit late in the process. Here is the hull frame ready for fairing. The keel is a solid piece of DF, straight grain without any knots. The wood that I'm using is DF. It is very plentiful up here in British Columbia, Canada.

Here is a stern view. I have already started fairing the chine. I increased the length by 10%. The boat will be just shy of 20 ft.

I messed up with my chine angle to the stem, so I added another piece so that there is enough wood for fairing.

I decided to add a piece of 3/8 plywood behind the chine near the stem. It just gives it a bit more strength and it won't spit when I screw on the side planking. The second picture is the faired chine with the added piece.

Rick Klemm
Ladner, BC Canada