3 October 2004


Here are a few photo updates for my Aqua Cat project. The building is going along well. Frames are all built and encapsulated in epoxy. Building form is together and anchored firmly ashore. I am using spruce framing and gaboon (mahogany) ply.

The timber is easily worked, compared to the local hardwoods that I'm used to dealing with. All framing and longitudinals are 4/4 net thickness and that makes for some challenging chine bending, let me tell you.

The bow-piece/stem assembly and transom are also in place and hard aground. Runner keels are installed and the last chine log went on today, this operation is somewhat clumsy when building solo.

More photo's and updates will follow. Thanks for the great plans and for your informative website.

Best regards,
Daniel Bucklin

Frames in place on building form.

First chine log installed as a mate brushes on some more epoxy.

Transom in place and some assistance being given from a mate.

It's so handy having the plans up on the shop wall for easy access.

Here I am fitting the final chine log, at last.