Subject: Bo-Jest
Date: Sat, 14 Aug 2004

Shipbuilding Registry:
Began 2.8.04- Converted your design to European measurements on CAD and sawed all frames out on a flatbed computeriezed machine with only 4 sheets of 1250x2500 AW100 Bruyncell Okume Plywood 25mm.
All stringers sawn out of Tyrolean Mountain Larch and planking begins next week with 10mm Sapelli Mahaghoni Plywood. Hope to do good job for a high gloss Mahoghoni finish. We will see, we are beginners with this stuff. A special European goal is to keep it light. We have special rules for driver licenses to carry trailers behind an normal car. Maximum load for both is 3,5 tons! So the boat can't be more than 1000kg. Try to solve problem with Mahoghoni foam pannels for the deck and Pilothouse and light engine; a Spanish Sole Diesel 3 Cyl 16 HP with only 180 kg all included with keelcooling and dry exhaust for easy winteriezing on the trailer.
We will keep you guys informed and hope to send you soon more fotos of "MINERVA" (the Greek goddess of luck).
yours, Thomas Walli
Toms Boatshop
A-6020 Innsbruck-AUSTRIA