How to Post Pictures Using Photobucket

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How to Post Pictures Using Photobucket

Post by BruceDow »

Before going to all the trouble to register and create a photobucket (et al) web page
PLEASE FIRST SEND YOUR PHOTOS TO as JPEGs so that we can immediately post your photos on the website -
See John Brantuk's post below)

I know that versions of these instructions have been posted many times, but I can never seem to find them a new forum member asks about how to post photos.

Here is what you need to do:

You must first post your photo somewhere on the internet. Then, In your Glen-L forum post, you "tag" a link to that image.

A "tag" is a set of codes that tells your post how to behave.
  • Each tag has an "open" ( [?] )and a "close" ( [/?] ).
    You can either type the tags or add them using the buttons above the message window.
    When you are typing or editing your message, you see the tags, but when you "preview" your post, you see how it will look after you submit it. (you do not see the tags then)
The tags at the top of the message window allow you to do things like:

  • and a web link (URL),
    add a link to a photo (Img),
    make a list (I am using that one now),
    make text bold,
    underline text

Here is how I do it for photos:

First time only...

Go to a site like and register.

Next times...

Assume you have a digital photo in a folder on your computer.
Also, Assume you will have one window open for the glen-l forum, and one window open for Photobucket.

A] Get your photo posted on the Photobucket site
1) go to Photobucket and log in
2) follow unstructions to upload your photo to your Photobucket album

B] Find and copy the photo's new URL
3) once the photo is uploaded, "double click" on it to bring it to full size
4) "right click" on the photo, and call up the "properties"
5) In the "properties" window, locate the "Address (URL)".
6) Highlight the address "http://......... .jpg". (Leave out the codes after ".jpg")
7) type "Ctrl-C" to copy that address

C] Create a link to that photo in your Glen-L Forum post
8) switch to your Glen-L forum window, and to the entry where you want to add the photo.
9) hit the "Img" tag button just above the text window. (the button will place the "open image link" tag in your post, and will change the button to "Img*")
10) type "Ctrl-V" to paste the location of your photo
11) hit the "Img*" tag button to complete the link. (this button adds the "close image link" tag, and change the button back to "Img")
12) When that is done, you should see something like this sample: 13) Optional - hit the "Preview" button at the bottom of the message window to see if your photo worked before you paste it.
14) finish typing your comments, and "Submit" your post.

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Post by DonBing »

Nice work Bruce. I have had these questions myself. This is the kind of thing I would like to see as an 'announcement' so it stays at the top of the list. Gayle?


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Post by John B »

Thanks for the informative post on how to post to photobucket, Bruce.

Just a note from me, the webmaster, however . . .

Sometimes people want us to post their photos on the Glen-L website, which we really love to do.

Most people send their photos as JPEGs attached to an email addressed to This generally works out very well and makes the quality and size of the photos excellent.

Sometimes, however, people send us a link to an online photo album like photobucket, and this creates real problems for us to try and put those photos on the Glen-L website.

So, bottom line, if you're putting photos on the internet just for your own pleasure, use whatever method you like. But, if you want us to put your photos on the Glen-L website, where they'll get the greatest exposure and be enjoyed by a multitude of people who are really interested in building their own boats, PLEASE send them to in the form of JPEGs.

We really, really want to post your photos on Help us do the best job of showing the world your handiwork by sending them directly to us as JPEGS.

Maybe the best of both worlds would be to first send them as JPEGs to us, AND then you can create a photobucket album too as you have the time . . .


Thank you!


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