Andy from Denver

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Andy from Denver

Post by AndYG »

Honored to finally say hello to this community. I ordered my first and only Glen L boat plans 11 years ago thinking I’d get busy on it. I got busy being a high school principal instead. Retiring at end of school year. My high school has a wood shop...shout out to technical education for students. Good stuff. And I can use the wood shop to get started. Glen L supports the “Scrounging” qualification...I’m off to a good start there. I’ll be building the Squirt. If you posted anything here about a Squirt build, I’ve read it, bookmarked it, and continue to study. Amazing to see what you have done. I have very little experience. Gonna be fun.
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Re: Andy from Denver

Post by Roberta »

Welcome aboard, Andy. Lots of Squirt builders here ready to help. Post pictures.

Roberta 😊 😊 😊 😊
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Re: Andy from Denver

Post by hoodman »

Welcome, have fun!

Building a Geronimo......!
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Re: Andy from Denver

Post by Bluesman »

Tahoe 21' - under construction

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Re: Andy from Denver

Post by JimmY »

Welcome! Nice to hear your school still has a wood shop, not too many of those around anymore. It's a shame since I was able to learn a lot in the school shop and I don't see a lot of today's generation getting the same opportunity.
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Re: Andy from Denver

Post by Hercdrvr »

The Squirt is a great little boat. You don’t so much ride in a Squirt, more like wear it.
Matt B
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Re: Andy from Denver

Post by vupilot »

Welcome! The world can never have enough Glen-L Squirts!
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