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modifying lucky pierre

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building lucky pierre. 2nd try. boring bees frustrated me beyond distraction last time. this time im doing everything i can before i have to put up form.
gussets, frames, stem, rudder. scarfing 30 foot battens. i also got a bug to make a double ender mod. ive laminated (3) inch thick ply wood drop palllets to construct the stern. it attaches to the keel exactly like the stem, but it rises at a 30 degree angle. the rudder will mount to this.
making frames 4&5 , 3&6, 2&7, 1&8 the same with same strong backs and bracing. i dont expect any thing different in performance. the boat will be
different for the 21 century but probably wouldnt raise an eyebrow in the 18 hundreds and before. watcha tink. wayne
since this post several months ago, i'm ready to put the siding on. i made my battens by scarfing 1x4(2each of 24 feet, 32 feet and 40 feet) everything was beautiful until i got to the transom, i'm now back to a tombstone. instead of the complicated transom in the plans, i stacked beveled 2x6 pieces on the stern stem. i also am having problems with my knee, soooo
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