Seam repair

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Seam repair

Post by bsage »

I'm a Glen-L Zip boat owner but not a builder. This crack appeared in the hull and I'm looking for advice on how to fix it. Water does penetrate.

Appreciate any help the group can provide.
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Re: Seam repair

Post by PWDULA »

I would clean the area back down to bare wood go at least six inches beyond seam crack and re-fiberglass.
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Re: Seam repair

Post by Roberta »

Make sure there is no underlying structural damage or weakening and repair that prior to making any external repairs. You mentioned water penetrated the area. Is it going through into the hull?

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Re: Seam repair

Post by JimmY »

Any idea what caused the crack? Was the bond between the bottom and chine poor? I think you need to get into the crack and get a solid bond in there before redoing the fiberglass. Maybe try to get some sandpaper in there to clean out the crack, some type of solvent like denatured alcohol, and then a syringe to inject the epoxy.
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