Florida rampage build

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Re: Florida rampage build

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Please note that I have not trimmed shear line yet. If it looks wobbly that’s cause there is uneven plywood overhanging that still needs trimming.

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Re: Florida rampage build

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Looks great!

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Re: Florida rampage build

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Jet pump position is set and now to set the engine in place. In a bit of disappointment, I did figure out that my fancy rail mounting kit will not work on the Rampage. The rail kit works on boats where the engine stringers are attached directly to the hull. The Rampage is not this way, the engine stringers sit on top of the frames which leaves the rails too low on the stringer. I think I'll cut some 2x2x1/4" 6061 Aluminum angle and attach one to the front and back of the engine plates at all four corners. Onward!
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Re: Florida rampage build

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Check put Denon Osterman's Rampage Jet build photo gallery on the Facebook Glen-L boat builders group. Look for engine mount photos :
  • denon_engine_mounts_640x480.jpg
His build threads are over here :

The HOT ROD's engine mounts use the block's mount pads :


We fabricated adjustable front engine mounts using flat plate and tubular steel. Vertical travel can be adjusted by turning the 1/2" nut located beneath the strut.


Mounts use the engine block mount pads. They hug the block so they can't be seen.

Hope this helps !


Click here to see video.

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