The one that got away!

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The one that got away!

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Every fisherman has at least one story about THE ONE fish that got away.

Mine happened on a trip with my dad and brother to Loreto, Baja California, Mexico in Sept or Oct of 2007.

We spent the day fishing in 60-100ft of water above rocks doing some yellowtail fishing. Had a great time. On the way in we were trolling and occasionally a Dorado or Roosterfish would be hooked. It was during one of these stops where my brother hooked up on the troll. My dad was reeling his line in when something big smashed it and began pulling line.

15 minutes later and my dad is already spent since we were pretty much done for the day anyways. So he handed the rod to me. I got deep color a few times, enough to know that it was a BIG bull dorado. After a 30 minute battle I finally got him near the boat. We had already boated other dorado between 15-20lbs and this fish was easily THREE times that size.

Just as the guide began leadering the fish to get a gaff shot it happened. We all watched as the knot unraveled. The dorado seemed to be stunned that it was free and probably smiled at us as he kicked his way free. We had a little curliecue left on the end of the line, but no fish or hook.

At that moment I decided that I would NEVER let a guide re-tie my rig ever again. I will always tie my own rig and if I lose a fish, at least it's my fault.

Needless to say, it was a quiet ride back to the dock.
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