Where (and how) to Post YOUR Photos

All about the Special Area we've created so everyone can easily find photos of your boat/build.
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Where (and how) to Post YOUR Photos

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We have created a very special place for you all to post photos of your boats and boatbuilding right here on the Glen-L website.

In the Glen-L Customer Photos section http://boatbuilders.glen-l.com/boatbuilding-galleries/ it's easy to find photos of every Glen-L design, and it's very easy for you to post YOUR photos there alongside all the other builders' photos.

Please use this area which we've designed especially for you. You would be amazed at the number of "hits" we get every single day in our photo gallery section...Glen-L is the number 1 boatbuilding website on the internet.

If you have any difficulty uploading your photos to the Gallery, just email your photos to me in the form of jpegs at John@Glen-L.com and I'll post them for you.

Thank you!
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