Canyak design modifications/alternatives?

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Canyak design modifications/alternatives?

Post by mfeier »

I would like to build a decked rowboat, in plywood, with a sliding seat and sealed bow and stern compartments (much like a modern sea kayak.) However, I have not yet found any design plans for such a craft (and I've searched the web quite extensively.)

The design that comes closest to what I have in mind is Glen-L's 14' Canyak. This design has the lines and dimensions I like, but I want my boat to be 2 to 3 feet longer and have bulkheads on each end of the cockpit. While I don't see adding bulkheads and hatches as affecting the boat's construction or performance, the Canyak plan website indicates that it is not suitable for length modifications. Why is this so? And, if this not so, then is it a resonable idea to add a few feet to the design? What will this entail? What can I expect to change if I do this?

Also, does anyone know of any similar design plans (16-18'loa, 30-34" beam, sharp lines, plywood construction, decked, sliding seat compatable) I may have missed?

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Post by Captaintom62 »

I am 90% complete with the Poweryak. It has much of the features that you request. Take a look. The plans from Glen-L make a perfect boat. The instructions could be a little clearer. They leave out some FYI items that I would have added. But, I am a detail oriented engineer. In the end, the items did not matter. It all worked out perfectly. Check out the pictures in the archive pages and project registry.

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