News Letter w/Gathering Report

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Bill Edmundson
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News Letter w/Gathering Report

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:D Gayle and John have done a great job with this months News Letter! It has the wrong date on it... :lol: BUT!

Gathering Videos, Pictures, Great Write Up, and Dave and Bob's Excellent Adventure.

Check It Out! :D

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Dave Grason
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I didn't actually title my article. I don't know WHO came up with "Dave and Bob's Excellent Adventure."
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John B
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I'm Guilty!

Post by John B »

Okay, okay . . . I KNOW that I'm getting a little long in the tooth and all my brain synapses aren't quite firing all the time . . .

but I'm the guilty one! In my end of the month haste I put the wrong date on WebLetter 107 in the index (it's corrected now), AND I came up with the title for Dave's excellent article. After reading it the name just seemed SO appropriate! :lol:


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