Boat listing / Prop rotation / Helmside

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Boat listing / Prop rotation / Helmside

Post by kens »

A recent post by a builder brought up the paragraph in the inboard installation book about prop rotation and helm placement causing listing.
I don't think it matters, but, its in the book.
If it does matter, to which boats does it matter.??
I have a center console, R/H prop, and no list. 112hp 2:1 gear, 16x16 wheel
If the helm side does matter, then with 1 passenger you should get a list, correct?
Other members please come in and say your prop rotation, helmside, how much power you got, gear ratio, and list or no list.
List or no list?
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Re: Boat listing / Prop rotation / Helmside

Post by Roberta »

Torpedo, 19.5 ft, 330 hp, 1:1 ratio, 13x13 four blade, 1" shaft, starboard helm, RH rotation. No appreciable list with either passenger or captain seated single or both.

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