Suggestion For Gathering

Another Wonderful Gathering of Glen-L Boatbuilders is in the History Books.
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Suggestion For Gathering

Post by mrintense »

Okay first off, I know that I have never attended the gathering. It's just not something I've been able to do yet. However, I do enjoy the camaraderie and fun that these types of events provide. And I always enjoy seeing the pictures every year.

As a suggestion, and I know this is not a substitute for being there, might I suggest a virtual gathering in photos and or video. Most of those not attending can still use their boats locally, so perhaps a short video of the local fun and or some pictures from a recent fun trip. Heck even some photos from previous gatherings would be cool.

Anyway, it's just a suggestion and feel free to ignore it if you want.

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Re: Suggestion For Gathering

Post by parsj1957 »

Regardless of one's personal decision about safety during this pandemic, this is a nice idea, as it would allow those of us who are geographically challenged (~4 day drive from SF), to participate also. Including folks like me who are still building!

Thanks J.

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Re: Suggestion For Gathering

Post by kens »

this has been suggested before, and the G' has always been so busy that it never came together.
And, there is sketchy (or none) internet at hales bar
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Re: Suggestion For Gathering

Post by hoodman »

I'll try to make sure and take more videos and pictures this year. I had too good of a time last year and pretty much forgot about it.

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