Looking for some guidance on emission products....

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Looking for some guidance on emission products....

Post by stojko »

Curious if anyone has much experience with diesel particulate filters. There are a number of product manufactures with each expressing they are the best. The main suppliers / manufacturers of diesel filters are:

DCL International Inc.


Nett Technologies
http://www.nettinc.com/omail/marine-exh ... s-dpf.html


I'm curious if anyone can share their experiences working with any of the above various product manufacturers?

Thank you and Merry Christmas!


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Re: Looking for some guidance on emission products....

Post by DesmoDog »

No one seems to be jumping in so I'll make a few comments on what little I know.

I've worked for exhaust suppliers for 25+ years but I've mainly worked on gas engines. My one experience with DPFs has been in the locomotive world, though some of the guys I work with use them regularly. (I'm a development engineer for one of the largest exhaust suppliers in the world) I've never heard of any of the companies you've linked to so can't comment specifically. They serve a different market than we do so there's no reason we'd cross paths.

Basically, everyone buys the actual filters from the same few companies. There are only a couple companies that extrude the ceramic filters, and a couple more that coat them. You're looking for a company that will put a filter into a package you can use. If it were me I'd be looking for the shop that's the easiest to work with and would want to know how hard it will be to maintain the system, mainly what it takes to regen the filter.

Among other things we do systems for ocean liners, I've got no idea what you're putting it into so I'm not sure there's any overlap there. IIRC our marine systems start at around $100k and require cranes to move around though... 8)

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