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Re: COVID-19?

Post by hoodman »

Glad your coming, Bob. You bringing the boat?

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Re: COVID-19?

Post by ashespap »

hoodman wrote:
Tue Jul 21, 2020 8:07 pm
Glad your coming, Bob. You bringing the boat?
I wish I could say YES to bringing it, but it won't be quite ready.
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Bob Maskel
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Re: COVID-19?

Post by Bob Maskel »

Well this thread is timely...I literally just now got off the phone with Hales Bar cancelling my floating cabin. So many things would be different this year...while it is great to see everyone, many of the regulars who Vicky and I hang out with are not going. The restaurant for the river run may not be able to handle a bigger group, even if we all sit apart. No group spaghetti dinner. Distancing on the docks and eating in the cabin, for us, takes away a big part of why we come...the people and the food :). Certainly not that it can't be done or it still wouldn't be fun, but it is a 950 mile trip one way and a lot of unknowns along the way.

This will be the first one I've missed and I can't tell you how much that bites. Next year will be the 15th year, I still plan on at least trying to come by water.

And of course the bottom line, we don't want to get sick and the southern states are blowing up far more than here in MN.

I am sorely going to miss seeing everyone this year and doing what we do.


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Butch Barto
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Re: COVID-19?

Post by Butch Barto »

Matt look at the pitchers from G1, most boats that were there were not finished. Bring it

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Gayle Brantuk
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Re: COVID-19?

Post by Gayle Brantuk »

Well, this isn't real surprising. I had really hoped we could come this year, but since I have such an old husband, it wouldn't be wise :lol: This is so crazy--who could have imagined this is where we'd be now? Glad to hear you all seem to be well...
Gayle Brantuk
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Re: COVID-19?

Post by Chimo41 »

Hi Gayle, wish you were coming so we could continue our chat of 'way back, about G6.

In spite of what's happening in the world this ol' geezer intends to be there again to admire some of the gorgeous art, and craftsmanship. Sorry, I won't be bringing the extended, reinforced Squirt we built back in '65-'66, which we knew as a Hustler. It's long gone, donated to a needy family in the 80's, and the 20HP Merc got burned up in a marina fire. But the memories of carrying family to adventures from an isolated community on the Abitibi River in Northern Ontario, tons of moose meat to feed us, hours of water skiing, and shuttling many hunters to secluded spots where bear or moose congregated remain.

The Gathering is my vacation, highlight of the year. Many thanks to those who invest the hard work and time to create it.

Brian Loucks

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Re: COVID-19?

Post by kens »

Just got back from my regular doctor visit, and, a discussion on this topic.
He says it is over-hyped, and of all things, the academic doctors at the highest levels are in fact political on this
Figure it out yourself...........
This is not my personal view, the topic was asked in the OP, and I am only the messenger.
ROBERTA, keep in mind this was asked in the OP, Do Not Shoot the messenger.
Oak..........the juice ain't worth the squeeze :D :shock: :o :)

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