G-14 Dates and Location

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Re: G-14 Dates and Location

Post by hoodman »

I called last Saturday mid-morning and they picked right up. They were probably smoking out on the front porch when y'all called. Seems like that's about all they did when we were there last year.

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Re: G-14 Dates and Location

Post by vupilot »

I have a friend building a Squirt here in Indiana that isnt on the forum yet. Bringing him might be the motivation I need to make the trip again this year.

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Re: G-14 Dates and Location

Post by Hercdrvr »

I booked #14 cabin today
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Re: G-14 Dates and Location

Post by DrBryanJ »

Since Covid has causes all the September weddings I had to attend to be cancelled, I will be able to come to the gathering this year after all. I just booked floating cabin 13.

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Re: G-14 Dates and Location

Post by CaptDave »

I guess I better book a cabin soon. Just wanted to be sure G-14 wasn't going to be a covid casualty.
Melissa and I are planning to be there with the Aquatron.

Update: Finally got through to Hales Bar. we are reserved on Floating Cabin #10
We plan to arrive Thursday afternoon.
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