G-13 Lunch Run to Chattanooga 9/13/19

Another one in the books...

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Re: G-13 Lunch Run to Chattanooga 9/13/19

Post by CaptDave »

Thanks Matt, we are looking forward to a ride in your beautiful boat!
Capt. Dave
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Re: G-13 Lunch Run to Chattanooga 9/13/19

Post by neel thompson »

Here is an update on docking at Scotties..... The restaurant owns three slips which are free and are on a first come, first served basis. So we can use them if they are open. The other slips are controlled by a man named Captain Brad. I contacted Brad and he has invited us to use some empty slips for our lunch run free of charge. There will be more than enough slips for us and I will have the details Friday morning before we leave HB so that we use the right slips when we get to Scotties. The floating slips are 25' wide, 50' long, and in 50' of water. So we should be able to get at least two boats in each slip. There is also a security gate and I have the code for that. I contacted the marina we normally use and cancelled our reservation. We are good to go!!

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Re: G-13 Lunch Run to Chattanooga 9/13/19

Post by Hercdrvr »

Thanks for making the calls Neel,
Matt B

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Re: G-13 Lunch Run to Chattanooga 9/13/19

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Roberta :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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Re: G-13 Lunch Run to Chattanooga 9/13/19

Post by Bill Edmundson »


Thanks! Those big slips should take 4 of our boats. Butch and John may take up one.

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Re: G-13 Lunch Run to Chattanooga 9/13/19

Post by Butch Barto »

At 25'x50' we should have no problems docking 4 boats in each slip. sounds like Neel took care of our lunch docking, and good job Keith finding a place we don't have to walk a long way , I am looking forward to seeing everyone , hope everyone has a safe trouble free trip .

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Re: G-13 Lunch Run to Chattanooga 9/13/19

Post by 1960es »

I will start building one of the ZIP kits next year and even though I am not in town, my daughter and her boyfriend go to college on Lookout Mountain. She said they were possibly going into town for lunch tomorrow so I wondered if she would be able to take some pics for me? I think I saw where the docks have a gate so I assume she might not be able to do this? No worries if not, but she sounded like she would like to do this for me if it were possible.

Eddie Stephens

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Re: G-13 Lunch Run to Chattanooga 9/13/19

Post by BarnacleMike »

I am on the way back from San Antonio at the moment, but hope to see everyone at Scottie’s tomorrow. I will bring the t-shirts there. Dylan has sorted them, and just to let everyone know, the colors are a little different from the mock-up. Apparently the aquamarine color wasn’t available at the time. Dylan said these are a darker, teal color. He sent me a phone pic, but I haven’t seen the actual shirts yet.
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