Cleaned up my epoxy 'spills"

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graham mackay
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Cleaned up my epoxy 'spills"

Post by graham mackay »

I had the crazy idea that epoxy runs would be easily cleaned up "down the road". Now months and to be true years later they are as hard as steel, not easily reachable with any sanding device and will likely remain as a permanent reminder of my earlier carelessness. New and current builders :CLEAN UP AS YOU GO!
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Re: Cleaned up my epoxy 'spills"

Post by hoodman »

Yup, it takes a pretty sharp chisel after the fact. You're usually beat after finally screwing down the planking but it's worth it to crawl under there anyways and clean up. I know I've got a few runs that are just going to be permanent. Most are under the floor though.

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Re: Cleaned up my epoxy 'spills"

Post by steveh41 »

So true!
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Re: Cleaned up my epoxy 'spills"

Post by mrintense »

Yes, very true. I've managed to keep up with most of the squeeze out as I go, but there were some areas that were not done until later. In this heat, I regret that decision every time I have to clean up those hardened drips.

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