Dinghy Adventure

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Dale K.
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Dinghy Adventure

Post by Dale K. »

The board index calls this "fishing stories", of which I have none; but it also says that boating adventures fit under this section. Looks like this is a new section and this may be the first adventure - but here goes.

Those of you who were at the 2014 Gathering will remember me as the guy with the white and red sailing dinghy, Little Bit. You may also recall that I slept on the dinghy under a very noisy tarp (the wind blew all night). Well, I ordered a tent for Christmas with dimensions nearest to the inside of the dinghy. Here's the story of my first outing with the tent: a 24 mile overnight adventure.

http://captnkid.webs.com/apps/blog/show ... or-a-tomb-


PS: sorry for the link, but felt it was the most efficient use of my efforts.

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Re: Dinghy Adventure

Post by chugalug »

:D Really enjoyed your adventure.WheneverI went camping as a kid,it seamed to rain and storm on me or us.Maybe that's why I'm building an enclosed Bo-Jest.Want to get back to those camping days.Just stay dry in a rainstorm.
Working on regular-sized Bo-Jest

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Re: Dinghy Adventure

Post by vupilot »

Hey Dale, great report on your adventure. This is exactly what this section is for.

Happy sailing,

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