Cut plywood

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Scott C
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Cut plywood

Post by Scott C »

Hi all,

I have finished cutting all of my plywood panels for my Glen L 'Fife'. I initially intended to epoxy encapsulate immediately after cutting, however other things have kept me from doing this. I then thought that I should get everything cut (plywood only at this stage) and then move completely to the next phase (sub assemblies).

What has now happened is that most of the thinner width panels have started to bow. My question is this - Have these panels started to absorb moisture from the atmosphere?

I have moved all of these panels from my garage to the living room where the daily humidity range is not so large. My wife and kids are thrilled to have to jump over a stack of plywood all day :lol:

I can now start to encapsulate within the next few days, although I still have to do a practice run as it has been a few years since I have handled resin and glass.

For anyone interested I have some photos posted at my website. I would post them here but I have enough trouble getting them uploaded that I have run out of steam for this casue. Not much to see straight away but more posts will be coming.

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Graham Knight
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Post by Graham Knight »

The reason they have bowed is probably because you've released the tensions built up in the full sheet by cutting it into smaller pieces.
Stacking them flat with a few planks on top, or something to weight them down, should keep them flat enough until you use them. If they're still slightly bowed they will straighten out as you assemble them, then once everything is joined together it'll stay that way.
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Post by Stuart »

I was told if you want to bow a piece of plywood lay it on the grass for a while. I tried it and it does.


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Post by basilkies »

Stuart wrote:I was told if you want to bow a piece of plywood lay it on the grass for a while. I tried it and it does.

Sure but you can't control it. What is happening is the side down on the grass is absorbing moisture and the up side is drying. So the under side gets bigger and the top side gets smaller causing the piece to bow.

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