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Iggy wrote:
Fri Dec 16, 2011 11:48 am

Based on my QUICK & UNVERIFIED area calculation of all the lumber pieces for a 10’ squirt base on the current Bill of Materials, I am getting about 40.5 boardfeet (from 5,834 square inches) of 1” lumber material. Add 40% cut-off usuage (ie: waste or non-usable), that would be 40.5 * 1.4 = 57 board feet of lumber for a 10’ squirt, or 63 board feet of lumber for a 11’ squirt.

If I was building an 11’ Squirt, I would probably be ordering:
63 board feet of 1” Quartersawn Random/Random Sitka Spruce (or Sapelle Mahogany or White Oak or Khaya Mahogany). Pre-planed down to 7/8” thick, 1 edge true.

Now, DO NOT take my numbers and go order anything… not yet. Wait for verification (from other Squirt builders) and re-do the numbers yourself BEFORE you order your materials.
Hi there Joe,
I realize this post is quite old, but I figured I would throw in my logic for any other builders.

What Iggy recommended is the correct process about how to order your lumber. I find his estimate to be just about on par with mine. I estimated about 48BF with some waste left on the boards. But If I were to add in cutoff I would only estimate 20%. So that would be 1.2*48 which is 57BF.

I am at the same stage in planning as you were. I am planning out where to buy my lumber and how to describe my needs to the lumber yard.

What I did was plan out my cuts, you can easily do this on some graph paper or even blank paper will get you close. From what I gather everything in the BOM is 1" thick or smaller, so any 1"x stock should suffice. I chose to assume 1"x8" stock if larger stock is available than that is even better. The length will vary based upon supplier, but if you can get 12' lengths then you are in great shape. For myself, I assumed the worst case scenario of 8' sections and plan to scarf (join two short lengths together) the longer lengths. I drew out the sections of lumber based upon the BOM. When I needed another board I drew up another 8"x8' board and continued drawing my pieces.

I hope this helps anyone else trying to plan out their lumber costs and what to ask for. I too will say don't take my word as the final say. Hopefully other members can chime in.


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