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Ahoy ya'all (Texas speech)

I am new to the forum. I have been looking to build a boat for a while. Actually about 15 years ago I was going to go to The Landing boat building school in ME. I ended up in another direction and have been counseling since. I work in emergency psychiatry at a hospital and as a Clinician for a police department. I guess you can say I have had an interest in boat building for many years after finding out my grandfather and great grandfather ran ship building companies. I had planned to build the Miss Chris, but my wife finally shared that she wanted a boat that would be more for the whole family and that would be good when our family grows. We have 5 boys, 3 are adults - no wives or children yet - but that is what my wife is looking towards. Also she is fair skin like Scandinavian white and wanted a boat that she get good cover in during Texas summers. I told her to look through the plans and she shows me the picture of a pontoon with a deck - long cry from the Miss Chris, but after looking at the Super Huck I am excited about the build. I am looking at making a tritoon but unsure of length yet. We need to do some boat shopping and take a look. It is great to join a forum with other "DIY boat believers" and all the knowledge and experience available.

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Welcome aboard! Boat building and piloting are great therapy. Enjoy the journey and post pictures and ask questions.

Roberta :D
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