Bonanza-Malahini-Roustabout Combination?

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Bonanza-Malahini-Roustabout Combination?

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I'm Michael Shade, and I will be using my Glen-L boat on lake Erie, Hopefully taking 12 months to build. I have a lot of free time, so I think it should be done by 2016's boating season. Because I am using it on Lake Erie, It is imperative that a deep vee hull is used on the boat for safety and stability. Because of this I was looking at a Malahini/Roustabout build, taking the deep vee off of the Roustabout and building the Malahini up from there. Since, I have realized that we have access to small engines that would be suitable for an inboard design. This means that it could potentially be easier to build the Bonanza with the Roustabout s deep vee, as they are the same length and probably have the same frame spacing. If i were to go with the Bonanza, i would convert it to a V-drive, as it enables me to change the cockpit layout. Please tell me what you think, which you might recommend, and anything that could help to do this project. Any help is appreciated!

Michael Shade

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Re: Bonanza-Malahini-Roustabout Combination?

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Hi Michael, I built the bonanza, it is great in the small lakes and rivers over here, and not bad when it gets a bit choppy, but I would definitely want a deeper v if you are expecting some rough weather. It does sit a bit low for those conditions. I have mid mount v8, and plenty of cockpit space. check out my pics and vid to see how it goes ont he water ... llery=1605

If I was to build another boat, with a deeper V, I would pick the roustabout, and then layout the cockpit and deck design, and transom like my bonanza. maybe stretch the design a bit (i did with the bonanza to 19ft+ a deck at the rear)

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