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27' Noodle /Scarf / Laminate / Sheers

Posted: Thu Apr 15, 2021 4:51 pm
by kens
So I need new rub rails on the Double Eagle,
Some of this may (or may not) be of help to someone laminating sheers or chines, so, I'll post pics
3/4" x 1" wood Sapele. 25' boat it takes 27' to go around the curve of the sheer. All 1 piece. It's a real noodle to work with.
At 27' it is flexible as a noodle, except the bow curve, then it is a stiff stick. And, there is pre-existing holes for the old screws holes.
Working with 9' sapele 4/4 stock. 3 scarfed pieces at 9' each yields the 27' needed. Except, how do you work with the noodle, scarf it, get the holes to pick up existing screw locations, and, go around the curve???
I been thinking on this awhile.
The aft 9' is a single piece, no big deal. Tacked that in place. it is the straight aft section.
Then I scarfed 2, 9' together to make a 18' part, and cut the aft scarf taper on it. this part is gonna have all the curve in it.

First I made a little tooling jig, and made a bucket full of 3-hole sacrificial tooling parts.
Some of these pick up the existing screw holes for holding power.
Made a bunch of them
then attached some to existing holes around the sheer
then used that as drywall-screw holding clamps

Re: 27' Noodle /Scarf / Laminate / Sheers

Posted: Thu Apr 15, 2021 4:56 pm
by kens
then used that base parts as drywall-screw holding clamps
then worked the Sapele noodle into place. the forward 18' piece was kerf slit about 12' back and worked into place
the aft scarf will get glued up in situ

Re: 27' Noodle /Scarf / Laminate / Sheers

Posted: Thu Apr 15, 2021 5:00 pm
by kens
with existing holes picked up, it should be ok to work with as a single long noodle