Fiberglass instead of Aluminum

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Fiberglass instead of Aluminum

Post by csuh13 »

Has anyone ever contemplated using fiberglass to cover a Glen-L Trailer instead of Aluminum Skin? (a la boats...)

It seems that a small trailer (like the sequoia) would be perfectly suited to it. I think in would end up looking like a "casita" or a "burro."

Any thoughts? How much heavier would it be compared to the aluminum?

Just daydreaming again...

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Post by Mr Hot Rod »

How much heavier would it be compared to the aluminum?

According to (you guessed it :!: ) Boatbuilding with Plywood by Glen L. Witt, Douglas Fir plywood would have the following weights :
  • Thickness / Weight lbs per sq ft / Weight with fiberglass
    1/4” (6mm) / .80 / .92
    5/16”(7mm) /.95 / 1.07
    3/8” (9mm) / 1.13 / 1.25
Click on the link below to see Aluminum sheet weights :

If you go with the plywood/fiberglass, corners can be molded to any contour desired. Stitch & Glue techniques can also be used in the corners to save weight as additional framing members won’t be needed. You can also substitute thin plywood veneer, PVC foam or fiberglass screen as the core or have no core at all. Click here to see how we built a ‘coreless’ driveline cover.

Good luck with your project and post any progress !

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Re: Fiberglass instead of Aluminum

Post by george6448 »

I have built several boats plus worked on some homebuilt airplanes. I have also been a RVer for years. I think of building a trailer with glass. Could be done using one off and composite like I have done with boats. Don't give up and keep in touch. I have a couple books from Glen that covers these types of construction.

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