where to?

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where to?

Post by catbert »

where has everyone been to in there boats?

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Post by terrymc »

I've had 5 boats in my lifetime. Here are the last two:

"Still Dreamin":

San Francisco Bay
California Delta
Trinity Lake (Northen California)
Lake Mead (Nevada & Arizona)
Horseshead Reservoir (Colorado)
Flaming George (Utah)
Lake of the Ozarks (Missouri)
Sand Lake (Ohio)

"California Dreamin'":

Sand lake (Ohio)
Lake Erie (Ohio and Canada)
Lake Chittataqa (New York)
Barren River Lake (Kentucky)
Dale Hollow Lake (Tennessee)
Some Place in Pennsulvania (I can't remeber the name)
Tennessee River (Alabama, Tennessee & Mississippi)
Toledo River (Ohio & Indianna)
Stone Mountain Lake (Georgia)
Lake Mead (Nevada & Arizona)
Lake Tahoe (California & Nevada)
Trinity lake (California)
Lake Shasta (California)
San Francisco Bay (California)
California Delta
Lake Berryessa (California)

Yeah, we get around.

Hoping to have the new Squirt ("Retro Rocket") - maybe with the "Still Dreamin'" at the Gathering (Tennessee) in the fall.



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