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portable toilletes

Post by catbert »

where do you guys get portable toilletes from? I was just wondering.

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Post by RobB »

:shock: Well first you look for a stand of trees or large bushes, then handle your business. Next take your handy dandy camping shovel and gingerly scoop the poop. Then place said material in a sealable bag. ( In extreme situations you may use a brown paper bag but note the disposal proceedures are different. In this case you put it on a mean persons porch light it on fire, ring the bell and RUN :!: )
Now take sealed baggie and dispose of it in a sanitary and legal method.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Really though there are ads in wooden boat mag. and you may even ck out some camping supply stores. Not positive but I think the small ones are very similar to what is used on a boat. :D :D
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Post by catbert »

so the boat toilletes are different from other types?

John Bowen
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Post by John Bowen »

One day.

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Post by terrymc »

IMHO, any boat that has an inclosed (private) should have a marine head. My "professional" 27 ft cuddy has a "sani-pottie" - you can get exactly the same thing at any RV supply house.

Funny story: Regal Boats, the manufacturer of my "big" boat, ran a contest a couple of years ago for the cleverest boat name. The name that won was on a 25 ft sportfisher, and the name was "Valcan II". Why was this the winner? There never was a "Valcan I". Seems the owner's wife was named Valerie, and they previously had a open boat without a head. When he had to take a leak he just let go over the side, but Valerie couldn't do that. The new boat had an enclosed head, so now, "Val can too"!



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Post by GregH »

I think you need to check local laws for what you can do where you live or will be boating.

As I understand it up here in Ontario.. we can use "portable" toilets, but they have to be permantly installed and have a pump-out hose to a deck fitting. only allowed to pump out at legal marine pumpout lcoations. Thus a holding tank as we cannot dispose of any blackwater overboard any distance from land in the fresh water lakes. Portables have a built in tank.

On a tanzer 22 here that I use, this is what we have done. So it doesn't have to be a marine toilet per se. but there are local requirements to follow.

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Post by Cec »

Most areas are now in NDZs and some won't allow a Porta-anything. Check local regs. Most areas will allow it but they have to be fitted for pumpout. My 79 Century crusier came with a very expensive (back then) mascerator type that then ran overboard. I can't use it anywhere and I'm not sure I want that 45 Amp hogging beast on my electrical system anyway. So I'm loking at one of the Sani-Potties mentioned above with an MSD rating and attached to a holding tank where my sink water will also flow, to be pumped out later.
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