Spyware attacks?

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Spyware attacks?

Post by Barry »


I received these email from one of the forum visitors:

Hello, Love you site and especially the forum. But everytime I log on I get
eight or ten spyware attacks. Just thought I would let you know.

Hello Barry,
Sometimes I get a popup and sometimes it takes over the webbrowser and takes me to another site. I started doing a virus scan after going only to your site and had to clean out 8 - 10 spyware cookies even when nothing happens in the browser. Sometimes the computer just starts moving slower after visiting. I can send you a report next time I do the scan if that would help. I'm no computer expert so hope that answers your question.
I cannot see how this could happen, unless there is a link that has been posted that contains something...

I cannot duplicate his problem... has anyone else had a problem with anything like this when visiting the forum?

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capt jake
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Post by capt jake »

That is probably the cookies that are set by your site when you log in or ask the forum to remember you. It sends information back and forth without us really being aware that there is a 'transaction' taking place. I personally wouldn't worry about it.

John K
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Post by John K »

I have not had this happen to me. I have a spyware and firewall that would tell me if this was going on. Like Capt Jake stated it may be the cookies from your site.

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Post by GregH »

I haven't ever noticed anything like they describe either. The only thing I wonder about is why it ALWAYS takes me 2 tries to log in LOL...

just not sure about me eh? heheh

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Scott C
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Post by Scott C »

I haven't noticed any spyware type issues on either of my PCs from this site but I too sometimes have trouble logging in. Not that it is a big drama but when I go to look at 'posts since last visit', if I have had to try twice to log in then my last visit was just one minute ago therefore I don't get to know what the latest is without trolling through everything.

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Post by Cec »

Not This site at issue. They have a redirector running on their machine. Unless you tell your browser to ask you about each and every cookie and say no to anything you do not absolutely need, you run the risk of getting one. Another issue may be a trojan horse running in the background on their machine... I have the devil's own time trying to keep them off of the computers here at work because the users tend to circumvent my safegaurds I put on ad the next thing you know their machine is hosed...
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John K
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Post by John K »

I am like GregH. It always takes me 2 times to log in. I thought it was just some funny with my computer.

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