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Forum Rules

Posted: Sat Jul 01, 2017 10:13 am
by Bill Edmundson
First, Forum Moderators are not employees of Glen-L We have few magical powers.

For your safety and to keep our Forum free from spam, your first 3 posts will have to be approved by a moderator. Once you've had 3 approved posts, they will automagically be posted and you'll be able to PM members and partake in other benefits of this wonderful Forum.

The "Rules":

1. Help others. This may be how to, locating materials, or just sharing their frustration.

2. Be supportive! These are long term projects. Everyone needs a little push now and then.

3. There are no bad questions! Somebody else probably needs the same answer. We learn the most when we have to think through what we
did, to help someone else.

4. We discourage topics of religion, politics, or race. We also discourage discussions of other controversial subjects. There are other forums for that.

5. Do not try to sell or resell plans in the For Sale area for Glen-L or another designer’s plans. This may be a copyright violation.

6. Don’t belittle any other member. If they don’t take your position, LET IT GO! It’s their boat.

7. Do not post links to vendors that sell items available in the Glen L catalogs.

8. Be respectful and do not argue with or provoke other members.

9. Moderators will edit and/or delete posts that violate rules.

10. Do not argue with moderator's decisions regarding editing and deleting posts.

11. Keep postings relevant to the Glen L Forum Topics.