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Canoe stability

Post by csuh13 »

Can anyone tell me how stable the Pirogue is compared to a non-flat hull canoe?

Is it tippier or more stable?

I'm building one to go fishing with my 3 year old on a lake which only allows canoes and kayaks... I'm trying to decide if I should also invest in a set of "canoe stabilizers" that I've seen around the net (Cabella's and others...). They go for around $200 (!) so I'm also trying to engineer something on my own for cheap.

Then again, if the Pirouge is fairly stable, I won't bother! ;)

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Post by boat-bill-der »

For what it's worth, and I can't speak for any of the glenl plans, but I grew up with a few pirogues, and have been canoeing quite a few times as well, and I can say that all canoes I have been in were much more stable than the pirogues I have been in.

They have much more freeboard (is it called that in a canoe) and I think I read and saw a great diagram in "Boat Building with Plywood" illustrating that a round bilge makes the boat less prone to tipping due to the bouyancy created....I give up trying to explain..

Check out the attached links I found interesting when I googled "buoyancy of round bottom canoe" ... ction.html - I Think glenl's canoes are shallow arch bottom, not full round bottom, so this is probably what you ware looking for.

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Post by FDMSIV »

For fishing, a flat bottom is the way to go. It will take a little more effort to get out to where you are going, but the initial stability of the flat bottom is much better than that of a canoe. Also, when you stand up, the flat bottom offers a more stable platform to stand on, over a round bottom.

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