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Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2006 2:42 pm
by Scott C
Finally, I am a boatbuilder. I have been dreaming about building a boat for a very long time which includes time spent looking longingly at this site and joining this forum. I have recieved my S & G Fife plans in quick time from the good folk at Glen L.

Baby steps first, get the experience and move onto bigger and better projects. That Riviera will be out on the water before I know it !!

I have located a suitable supplier of marine plywood and epoxy products and they will be getting a visit from me real soon. I have cleared the appropriate amount of space in my garage and am knocking up a workbench this weekend (the workbench is a real long story - suffice to say that it just needs reassembly).

Don't know what else to say except stay tuned I will post photos as they come to hand. I have a website going and will post details later.