a camper shell for an import pickup truck

Outback-Standard Plans & Patterns package: $36.00
Outback-Long Bed Plans & Patterns package: $42.00

Specifications:      Standard     Long Bed
Length overall 80" 96"
Width overall 62" 62"
Height interior 20" or 28"
Height exterior 22" or 30"
Weight 100 to 200 lbs.

The OUTBACK pickup cover is designed especially for most standard and long bed model import trucks. Here's the way to add to your truck's versatility, security, and watertight carrying ability all at once. Plus, you'll save plenty over comparable factory-produced units. Building the OUTBACK is a great project for an extended weekend. You can build your OUTBACK in either a 20" or 28" interior height version. The 20" model is "cab-high", while the 28" model is perfect for overnight camping or extended carrying capacity.

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