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Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 7:56 pm
by RiverRacer
Dave Grason wrote:Only the mid 90s you say. Gee that's just too bad. I bet you feel like a totally worthless piece of poopy. :lol:
Yes it is embarrassing when you go to an event and everyone else is running 105-110 with the same typical setup,LOL, I've always maintained that if it looks fast it needs to GO fast!.. :D
Yeah Right! I lay up at night wondering how I could get my Tunnel King to do 70 and you're complaining about only mid 90s. :lol:
I do the same thing all the time, don't matter what the speed is if it is a challenge to get there, you'll lose sleep over it,LOL...
I love that intake on there. I've always said that the difference in the length of stacks immediately identified it as a BBC. I describe the Chevy motor as having "lucky" and "unlucky" cylinders.
Yeah Crower injectors are cool, I like them for the torque curve. You're right though BBC's have unequal flowing ports and the different stack length is to try and equalize them, if you run aftermarket heads then you'd run equal length stacks!...
OOpsss. I could be wrong. That IS a Chevy isn't it? I mean, why does it look like the distributor is on the FRONT of the engine?
Yep it's a Chevy but look at it again you can see the flywheel, the mag is in the back!. That is a circle boat and you drive off the front for prop torque to the left!..

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 8:15 pm
by RiverRacer
novass wrote:Dave, Arts dizzy looks like its on the front of the motor because his motor is mounted kidding Art. His motor is mounted flywheel aft. The torque tube is actually driven off of the harmonic balancer. This helps the boat turn better to the right, I think that is the direction. :oops:
Damn, I just signed up and I get $hit already sheezzz.. Ok I get , I'm a newbie and not a moderator and stuff, that's cool though just tread easy in MY territory ole buddy!.LOL.. :lol: :lol: :lol:

And BTW, it's a "MAG" not some dizzy thing whatever that is!. :lol: :lol:

And it has a solid driveline not a u-joint driveshaft, and it is not mounted to a balancer, just a hub the crank is internally balanced on the front!..

Just a little ejumacation for ya!... :D :D

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 8:24 pm
by RiverRacer
Dave Grason wrote:Is turning these boats a problem? If he's running the engine from the harmonic balancer end, then the propellor would be a right hand as well. Am I right?
Dave, there is no problem turning the boat it's all about the prop torque, driving off the flywheel will torque to the right, driving off the front will torque to the left. And yes it does sound weird that right and left hand rotation means the opposite in torque!..

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 8:33 pm
by RiverRacer
Dave Grason wrote:I ask these things because the Dragster plans allow for up to 1100 lbs for the engine and trans.
Ok, ejumatate me here please, what is a "Dragster", sounds like a race/hot rod type of boat am I right???, An iron head BBC is only around 700lbs or so, keep it as light as you can!..

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 8:44 pm
by RiverRacer
Dave Grason wrote:I was actually thinking about a 460 Ford. I have a place in my heart for these engines. I guess it's because I've owned so many of them and own 3 now in my work trucks.
I'm an FE guy myself, but there's nothing wrong with the "385", damn can't think of his name right now, but this is the place to go for all your needs and info he lives the "385" and he's a cool guy!..

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 9:00 pm
by Dave Grason
RiverRacer wrote:[Ok, ejumatate me here please, what is a "Dragster",!..
The Dragster is a discontinued Glen-L design. It's from back in the 50s and actually has a little higher freeboard than the later Vdrive flatties that Glen-L designed. To me, it actually looks a little more like a traditional wood runabout of the period. ....kind of a cross between a go-fast and traditional. Here's the link:

I bought the plans a number of years ago and put it on my wishlist. But there are no patterns available. So I'll have to loft from the plans.

Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2009 7:58 am
by RiverRacer
Yep it's an oldie alright, don't remember seing that one before??, but if you plan on building it totally period correct, a bone stock 460 is the most you want to put in it because that's all it was designed for, like those pics show it's a ski boat, it's got some nice lines to it though!....

Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2009 11:34 am
by Dave Grason
The plans actually make it look a LOT sleeker. But one thing's for sure. It may not hang with yours in the mid 90s, but it aint gonna be no pooch! I think driving this just for fun will be a real hoot!

Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2009 7:02 pm
by RiverRacer
Yeah it should be fun alright, but if you plan on any type of speed it will need modifications to the rigging to make it a fun safe ride!..

Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2009 7:04 pm
by Nova SS
RiverRacer wrote:Yeah it should be fun alright, but if you plan on any type of speed it will need modifications to the rigging to make it a fun safe ride!..
Let me guess....less shaft angle and the engine and Vdrive positioned farther forward? :wink: :)

Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2009 7:16 pm
by RiverRacer
Yeah just for starters!... :D

Re: SC V6 or MPI V8?

Posted: Wed Jul 15, 2009 9:09 am
by jdhogg
i use a 4.3 in my mgb.there are a whole bunch of ways to get alota HP from them.also edelbrock makes a marine intake for it.setting up if you want,the tbi is easy but i pulled mine and went to a 4barrel can get an extra 20 hp just by using under sized engine pullies.building one is dirt cheap,and they use 350 pistons and such.i just like them,if ya want a smooth engine dont get one thats dont have the balanceshaft.check out its cheaper!