Very small trolling boat

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Very small trolling boat

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(the metric measures are correct, not sure about the US ones :) )


Bit of background first. I live by a small lake (4 miles long, half of the lenght is basically river, under ½ mile wide). In the summertime I've been trolling with a rowboat, but its a bit difficult to handle both the boat and fishing pole for one person. So I've got an idea of making myself a smaller, pedal powered boat.

The demands for the design are:

1 Boat for one person
2 Hands free operation
3 Small and light enough for me to carry some distance over dry land
4 Doesn't need to be fast (small lakes and slow trolling speed) but somewhat economical
5 Shallow water and beaching ability
6 Easily accessible storage for fishing gear and caught fish
7 The look (no cayaks for me)

I like the look of the small boats of GlenL, like Squirt. I found a sections-drawing for Tiny Might from the Glen-L-site and started tinkering with them in a cad-program I have. I scaled the drawing down to total lenght of 2 meters(6' 7'') and beam of 0.85 meters(33½''), but had to ad a bit of depth, which is 0.47 m (18½''). By comparison the original measures of Tiny Might are 12' by 5'-1'' by 24''. I desided to go with four frames instead of six, so had to draw two frames anew, which wasn't all that hard with cad.

Here be pictures
Side & top view

The pictures give a pretty good idea of where I am at the moment. I am probably going to use spruce in the building of the boat, as I have plenty of it around. It is light enough and its been used locally in rowboats for a long time. The planking is going to be 4mm ply, probably also spruce and fiberglassed at least in the bottom.

For steering I am thinking of a device that would attach to one of the pedals and has a strap around the pedallers calf. From that there would be a cable connection to rudder.So pushing your toe forward results in the boat turning left and with your heel would turn right.

And then the questions:

1 Possible stability issues. I'm 180 cm (6') long and 85 kg (190 lb).
2 Propulsion. I'm thinking bicycle pedals, chain, 90 decrees angle gear, alum. shaft and propeller in upside-down U-shaped tunnel. (tunnel and prop shown in the pics)
3 Propeller. I want it above the keel for beaching and shallow water. The problem is the small size, in the drawing the propeller is only 98mm (bit under 4'') in diameter and the center tube/cone is 20mm (3/4'')

I think thats it for now, hope to get some input on the thing from you guys. :)

Hopefully creating something useful, since 1983.

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Re: Very small trolling boat

Post by Oyster »

Interesting project.... I hope that maybe someone with better eyes and knowledge with the smaller designs will add some imput later .

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