Screws or Nails for 4MM Plywood

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Screws or Nails for 4MM Plywood

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I'm building the kanyak and picked up some very nice Okoume. The plans call for screws, but I was wondering if I could use stainless brads in my nailer. I'm going to epoxy it in place anyways, so i was looking for options.


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Re: Screws or Nails for 4MM Plywood

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You are probably fine using the brads. But, I would use screws at the end of the bend. You don't want to turn your back and have it pop before the epoxy goes off.

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Re: Screws or Nails for 4MM Plywood

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Could you use Stainless Staples? You'd need an Air powered stapler. Just leave them in place.

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