General question on building the drift boat

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General question on building the drift boat

Post by youngtrout »

Okay, I spent most of the night looking at the plans for my 14' drift boat. Things look pretty well spelled out. But my big question, is that nowhere in the plans does it give me at least a general profile of the bottom and sides??

My question, do I temp up the sides and bottom and trace them out for the cut?? (once I have the frame built) same with the bottom??

Also, the bottom is 55" wide, what is the best configuration to join the plywood for the extra width?



Post by upspirate »

Go back to the plans section of the site & click on how to build our drift boats link.

It details how to set up the frame on the jig,then trace the panels roughly off the frame shape.

As far as the bottom joint,most joints are made over the keel.The shape of the drift boat looks like you can get four bottom panels out of two sheets of plywood as the panels taper away & you would need to make only one butt joint across the boat somewhere in the middle where things are not too stressed.

I would just use a butt joint as the sides & bottom lend it self to this type of joint & they are easy to make.

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Post by thudpucker »

There's another section in this Forum somwhere that has photos of other guys boats they've built. Listed alphabetically, your boat should be in there somewhere. Its a great place to spend some time looking at the build process and what the finishec product might look like.

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