Carbon Fiber & Kevlar Canoe

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Carbon Fiber & Kevlar Canoe

Post by Scott »

Does anyone know where to get a wicked carbon fiber and kevlar 14-16 foot canoe for two?

I'm going to be going back to Algonquin Park in April so I need something less than 60lbs like before. Which our portage was 2 hours mostly up hill.

I'm hoping to get one in the 30lbs range not spending more than $3000.

Can anyone help me out?

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Post by razopp »


Since you are posting on a boatbuilding site, I might recommend the "How To Build Your Own Kevlar Canoe" by Moran. I own the book and it has plans for three canoes (solo, family, and a 17' tripper). The book has a Yahoo group with several active builders and there are links to several builders sites. I know they use them in the boundary waters regularly and can provide feedback on the actual canoes. There is also information in the book on using an existing boat for a mold. Just a thought...

I would bet you could find something on Craigslist in the pricerange you wanted.


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Post by BruceDow »

Every Fall, Swift Canoe sells off their summer demo and rental fleet.

I just checked, and that sale is this weekend.

I've rented Kevlar tripping canoes from them in the past, and it is easy to carry one of their canoes and a decently loaded pack at the same time.

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