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First timer

Post by Teacher »

I have been looking at this site for a while. I would like to try my hand at building a boat. My ultimate dream would be to build something big enough to have a birth and galley. For now I just want to get my feet wet. I consider myself a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none. I worked for a short time as a welder for Ercoa, a pontoon manufacturer in MN (that’s the extent of my boat building experience). Enough with the resume, I now live on the gulf coast of TX. We have nice bays, and several lakes near by. I would like to try a small, inexpensive project to get a taste. I am willing to start with something as (I assume) entry level as stitch and glue human power. Does any one have any suggestions for a good starter project that would be well suited for an area of mostly bays but maybe occasionally some small waves?
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Welcome aboard, It all depends on what you want and what you want to spend in time and money.
Go to the glen L. home page and look thru the different designs.
Take it from there.

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Post by putawaywet »

I'm starting a Glen-L 16' kayak to warm up for a larger project. Looking at the Cabin skiff but may want a bit more headroom. I really like the Sherwood queen but seems too small. Been browsing through the customer photo archives and the message board as well for a while.
I already own a Wilderness and an Ocean kayak plus a Kenner 18 so I really don't 'need' another boat but am looking forward to these projects. I'm hoping to dress these boats up and try to show off the wood as much as possible. I will try to be posting pics. as progress is made.

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Post by stumpy »

any of the small, stitch and glue designs are good to start with. I started with the rob roy about 20 years ago, made some mistakes, and learned from them moved to kayaks as I prefer single person craft for my uses. When I move to larger craft, I would probably go to a small sailboat (under 35') I'm assuming you meant you eventually want a BEARTH and galley, although with a bearth, and the proper sailing partner, you could end up with a birth, but it would be easier to go to the hospital, as giving birth on a boat can be bothersome, unless it's a really big boat, then you could probably give birth in the bearth.
All that aside, it isn't hard, if you can read the plans and directions, and know which end of the screwdriver is the handle, you can build a Glen-l boat, so pick one and get started.

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