What is the cost of a 12ft rowme?

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What is the cost of a 12ft rowme?

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I am thinking about building a 12ft rowme. Can people tell me how much it cost them to make theres? I had heard around $200...is this true?

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any help guys?

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Take a look at the description for the design index sheet for the rowme. Plans $64. Full construction kit $280. Lumber you can price from the BOM and your local sources. Paint and oars extra.


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Work out the materials estimate, add in the cost of plans, then multiply that number by about three and you will probably be right in the ballpark. The smaller the boat, the lower the multiple...so maybe only twice as much as you think !

I always tell people when they are doing remodeling work to take the estimate and add at least 35% and that will be a more realistic number...and for some reason that 'rule of thumb' is pretty accurate.


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what will it cost your self esteem, if you decide you can't afford to build it? whatever the cost is, it's less than you could buy the same boat for. If cost is that much of a factor, buy your material plans and whatever else you need as your budget allows, then start the boat when you have it all together.

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Row Me

Post by dustymick64 »

My brother built one from plans I bought and sent to him. It is the yellow and black one in the customer photos page. It is also on the cover of the Row Me page. Total cost for the boat was $350, or under. He over built it a little, in my opinion. It performs VERY well for a flat bottomed skiff. Fact I called him this morning and he was getting set to troll the bay at Panama City, FL where he lives. He uses it for fishing and hunting in bays, rivers and lakes. With the 6hp outboard it scoots right along. This boat does NOT have to be built from expensive marine plywood. Exterior A/C fir or even the heavy BC pine will work just fine and you will have a sturdy skiff that will last for years. I advise anyone building this boat to cover the outside with 6oz cloth. Pertects the boat very well when the floating logs and submerged stumps bang into you. This boat is a utility skiff and in this catagory it excels. It is a perfect boat for a dude who wants a small fishing/work/fun boat. Rows very well. Small outboards or even electric motors do this boat justice. He cannot say enough good things about this boat. This was his first attempt at boat building and he had no trouble. Perfect beginner boat. Build and be happy.. I gonna build one to. :D

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