2-Person Pedal-It?

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2-Person Pedal-It?

Post by fb99999 »

I am looking for a 2-person pedal boat to build. Ideally the boat would be setup to make it fairly easy to step on and off from the dock, especially for someone with limited mobility. The Glen-L Pedal-It seems to fit that fairly well, but is a one-person model.

I have found a 2-person pedal boat - it's the "Pedal Driven Sidewheeler" as found in H. H. Payson's "Build the New Instant Boats". However, that boat requires one to step down in, basically sitting on the bottom of the boat, which is OK for a lot of people (me included), but it would prevent a few of the older folks at our lake house from using it.

This brings me back to the Glen-L Pedal-It. This boat would be ideal if it could be modified to seat 2 adults, which would mean weight in the 450-500 pound range.

From the Pedal-It Webpage:

Average passengers 1
Can the hull be extended or shortened? No. We also do not recommend increasing the beam.

This doesn't sound like it could be done, but I thought I would post here to see if anyone else had some thoughts on the subject.

Thanks in advance!

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Post by BruceDow »

For two people, it seems you would need a much larger platform.... especially if some were "less mobile"... you would want the platform to be very stable.

If you can't find any plans that directly meet your needs, you may need to get creative...

Look at the "L Gato" catamaran in the sailboats section.... 12' long, 7' wide. It should have the capacity to hold two with a reasonable degree of stability. (you could build it without the daggerboard cases)

With a little creativity, you should be able to merge the two plans and put the pedal and steering mechanisms on the cat's hulls.

Caveat - I have NO IDEA if this can be done... but it's fun thinking about it.

Good luck.

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Post by fb99999 »

That's an interesting boat! I hadn't considered looking under the sailboat plans, so thanks for pointing that one out. I was also thinking about the 12' Huck Finn with a trolling motor for propulsion, but the description for that one doesn't sound promising either:

Except for the 12' HUCK FINN, all units come with flaring bowed pontoons with sharp entry stems for least resistance.

It sounds like the 12' is meant to be stationary (like a swim platform) rather than being used for transportation.

There is a marine dealer near the lake house that has some really nice aluminum pedal boats. They look just like a miniature pontoon, have a bench set for two, and they pedal really easily in the water, but they are very pricey, and I'll miss out on a fun winter project :( . I'll keep looking for a good plan, but worst case, I guess I'll save up for one of those.

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Post by leakcheck »

Can you rent one of those aluminum pontoon boats and pull a design off of it that is close enough, yet not violating any copyright designs ??


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