Drift Boat Colors

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Drift Boat Colors

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I was planning on painting my 16' McKenzie drift boat a soft creamy light yellow (kind of natural looking) with a darker wood stain for trim. My daughters room is painted this color scheme and it looks very nice. Since this is my fishing boat maybe I would want to use more natural colors such as tan or green. Some have suggested that I wouldn't want to scare my fish off. It makes sense because we cloth natural colors when we go fishing. Should I yield to my friends advice. What are your thoughts and suggestions?

Thanks again, Aaron :P

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Paint your boat whatever color makes you happy! I think the colors sound great and fish...hey, they bite big plastic lures with hooks hanging off them...how bright can they be? (eeee, hope I didn't offend anyone)...
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Sounds good

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Sounds good. My boat is getting painted inside and out bright yellow with black trim, motorboard, and seat tops. and yes it looks like a bumble bee but I love it. Yes, the H. M. S. Hoopty will be in the water soon! I can't wait.

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When using dark colors over epoxy/glass construction, there is a possibility that during prolonged exposure to direct sunlite, the temperature of the surface and subsurface components may reach the plastic transition temperature for the epoxy. The results of such overheating can include glass print-thru, blistering, and possible unbonding of the epoxy adhesion. This can occur at temps as low as 150 deg. F. for some epoxies, and is almost certain at < 200 deg.F.

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