Buckles in planks on 17' chippewa

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Buckles in planks on 17' chippewa

Post by donald-deen »

I am having a lot of trouble applying the first layer of two to the ribbons on my 17' chippewa. They won't lay flat. I splined each plank to a perfect fit and still I get buckles in the sides. Will these come out when I apply the second layer? I am also getting a dishing of the planks with the edges turned up. I am using 4" , 1/8" birch plywood. Are the planks supposed to fit perfectly flat? Could the problem be in the ribbons. What am I doing wrong? HELP

BILL :cry: :cry: :cry:

John Bowen
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Post by John Bowen »

Bill, have you been here yet?


Seems to me that maybe a HOT soaked towel could help relax the ply. But then, I haven't built with this method. You could send either Barry or the Mill's an E and see if they can't give some pointers.

Best to ya and how's about posting some pic's of your build.
One day.

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Post by Barry »

I splined each plank to a perfect fit and still I get buckles in the sides.
Fitting involves more than matching the contour of the previous piece. Move a veneer forward of the last piece, bend it around the contour, shift on its axis until there is no buckling, then fit to previous plank. If you can't eliminate buckling, make the strip narrower. They need not be all the same width.

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